Friday, August 24, 2012

Sensory Pegboard

Sensory teacher
Observing that the process for the renunciation around the five senses is like a pegboard.  As you move through one, another one pops up, and so forth--around and around.  The object of the game is to move the 5 pegs along the board until they get in the equanimity zone.  I have been challenged by some of the voice vibrations at the ashram.  Certain tones (not understanding the words) were distracting me.

What is that about?  Jumping up and down with enthusiasm--a chance to deepen.  I started to understand the true value of pain.  Working so diligently on the pain obstacle course, I haven't really slowed down enough to appreciate the true value of pain.  I have gratitude for its motivating qualities, but now I see the brilliant design.  Disturbances not only motivate, but they help to provide markers in the light--something tangible.  It is part of the beautiful mosaic of life.  I should have something on my alter in gratitude for its presence, but all I need to do is start reading the world news, walk down the street, or check on my pegboard. Having as much gratitude for the dark and light is transforming my incinerator/unconscious walk turn into a "fun" walk.

More sensory teachers--they are masters!

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