Thursday, August 2, 2012

Heading To Jaipur

In the auto-rickshaw on the way to the bus station

What a lovely dream? Experience? While flying the last leg to India, a familiar darkness and stillness appeared, (not unlike the entry point for past "meditation events" at the ashram), which led to an image of an unfamiliar temple.  The building reminded me of the one's in Vrindavan.  One of the doors opened and was filled with a brilliant white light and In the light, the image of Gurudev sitting cross-legged appeared.  I felt myself smiling as I witnessed the beauty and love of his presence, but the door began to shut.  My smile shifted to disturbed as his image was disappearing, but before the door closed completely, a radiant blue color appeared around the edges of the door.  The door returned to an open position and the space was immediately filled with an irridescent blue that was somehow peacefully energizing.   What grace as I return to India.

On the bus to Jaipur

Only 21 hours from San Francisco to New Delhi including a two and a half hour layover in Munich, Germany.  I lived in the Munich area 20 years ago, so it was fun to touch that energy field. 6:45 am landing in Delhi and on the bus to Jaipur by 9:00 am.  Got lucky and caught a bus that was just leaving.  It is raining which is fine, since the air is fresh and everything is green. So different this time, I am amused by the honking horns, crazy traffic, staring men, and the attempts to triple or quadruple my prices as a "white woman walking."  

(Enjoying my shaved head.  It is so fun.  I have wanted to do this for quite some time (not spiritually related), but it wasn't appropriate for dancing. Adapting to my scalp feeling breezes.)

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