Sunday, August 12, 2012


Sorting through the layers of personality, culture, and spirituality.

While standing in the line at the grocery store, a woman cuts in front of me, I watched, sorted through how important or not, curiosity won out, I mentioned that I was waiting in line too, she snapped back that I didn't look like I was, I waited, digested, mentioned that it must be a cultural difference, she said something about Indians not following rules, I said something about standing that close to others felt aggressive, we both paused, it ended with some sort of new information exchange.  Over and over how easy it is for the communication to go astray.

I got to feed my new favorite elephant two bananas again.  The tears and sense of beauty left me staggering.  I hope to go to their house soon.  I found a taxi driver who knows where they live.  I understand now that they are making their way home from the morning of carrying tourists up the hill at Amber Fort.

The new neighbor (yellow dog) was vomiting up peppers, so I will try to share some rice/dahl and see how that goes.

One of the ashram dogs came in to say hello while I was meditating.  He got in trouble, but I was so touched by the animal's kindness.

The past two years of falling off the four-legged track may circle back? The two-legged track is often so convoluted for me even with the new tool kit. For now, it is the Divine.

Finished the Gita, now onto the next interpretation by Yogananda.  It makes so much sense.  Why not make it the hand book for human development on a world level?

You don't see water running down these steps too often.

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