Thursday, August 2, 2012

First Walk

A few yards down the road was my first bloated, dead street dog, then the sea of garbage along the sides of the road, and more, but overall the walk was uneventful.  I was examining my inner reactions as I touched all of my favorites.  Interesting--not even a twinge, but I was still supervising.  Amazing to experience such clear transformation.

There are two items on my "to do" list while in India:  see Gurudev and see where the elephants live.  As I watched the first elephant walk by, I decided to share a couple of my bananas with the next elephant.  The handler was walking on the ground next to his elephant, so I asked permission to feed her.  I never stop being struck by the gentleness while taking something from your hand. Even with her immense size, I never feel threatened or bullied.  And after the bananas were received, there was never a pushiness looking for more.  I was able to pet her trunk and look into her eyes with gratitude for such beauty.  The tears welled up.  How lovely to be struck so deeply by compassion.  The handler invited me to come see his elephants and they are very near.

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