Friday, August 31, 2012

Fact Check

How does one ever have enough gratitude for the presence of this  Master?

Walking to the gym with my best Sue impression of a spiritual being--nothing on the outer mantel mattered unless some action needed to take place. How simple and how freeing.

Fact Check.  Yes, living and acting from this state of "formless identity" as an individuated soul is the most reduced state of the ego.  Growing inwardly on this path of the formlessness is the path to liberation.  (We both agreed words are limiting to discuss something so abstract and subtle.)

Maybe I have reached the essence of the ego?  I remember receiving the homework assignment to observe the starting point of thought.  This feels like the transition point between unobscured unity with the Divine and the construction site for form.

The human wardrobe.  My current form is the set of clothes I was handed as I accepted the suitcase for this round of reincarnation.

The Guru as the guide to this point and now possibly beyond.  He mentioned that there could begin a reconstruction of my thinking process.

Very clear how meditation will be the way to get to know this aspect of my true self.  As I sat to meditate, the field of form started to mix and churn.

I have been experiencing what feels like repair work on my structure for the past 30 days:  relieving a knot between my shoulder blades, snapping the left side of my neck into alignment, shifting a sense in the base of my skull, and so on.  Interesting to feel like a human science experiment.

We as humble recipients should be offering the prashad.

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