Monday, August 20, 2012

The Manual

Getting handed a reasonable "manual" for this spiritual path was a relief.  There really is a path and I am not losing my mind (well, I am in a way but that is a different story...)  I can see what has happened, a rough idea of some of the steps ahead, and that there is A LOT of work to be done.  Then the mind asks, "Am I up for the challenge?".  No going back now, but damn there is still A LOT ahead. Why am I doing "this?"  Who am I?  All the basic questions come circling again.  Yes, I now see how it is not the conventional life path and why it is between just yourself and The Divine.  The world is the master insanity plan, so why would most people really get what your are doing while following the bread crumb trail to the Divine as you surrender, unveil, surrender, unveil, over and over again.

It is a wondrous process and then you sit at the feet of a living example.  In my novice state of spiritual assimilation, I have wondered why Gurudev feels so "clean", so "empty", so loving, so present, so unattached.  Yesterday was a quiet, rainy day at the ashram, so there was a chance to ask Gurudev about his spiritual path.  How remarkable and inspiring to hear about his path.

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