Monday, August 20, 2012

The Threads

Going to take a break from examining the threads of the fabric:  male, female, tall, short, mid-sized, thin, anorexic, fat, obese, fit, unfit, young, old, rich, poor, middle class, able-bodied, disabled, famous, infamous, kind, thoughtful, helpful, conscious, unconscious, mean-spirited, violent, sexually exploitive, psychotic, drug addict, alcoholic, prescription drug abuser, animal lover, animal hater, parent, single, straight, gay, transgender, white, yellow, black, brown, red, religious, naturalist, spiritualist, cultural, bully, bullied, internationalist, localist, employed, unemployed, self-employed, blue collar worker, white collar worker, artist, musician, athlete, hobbyist, socialist, communist, liberal, democrat, republican, independent, single, married, polygamist, wanderer, hoarder, movie star, pop artist, news analyst, lawyer, doctor, fire people, post people, construction, electrician, plumber, truck driver, office worker, computer programmer, corporate manager, gas station attendant, bank worker, psychologist...

Continuing to examine my one thread and the place holder for the threads--the One.

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