Saturday, August 11, 2012

So Simple

My favorite temple--Vishnu and Krishna
So simple, just my soul and the Divine. The question was answered.  As I went to pranam, it was if an energetic tube was leaving my body to be in the lap of the Divine--nothing else was relevant.  No discourse, mind chatter, or sounds to distract from the clarity of the inner path.

In less than 12 hours the answer came.  For some reason my ego had been trying to work the angle that if I couldn't learn to love being in a herd of humans that I wasn't going to make it on the spiritual pathway. Since being alone was always a comfortable place to be, I somehow thought that if I could become compassionate, forgiving, and loving towards humans that my desire to be around them would change. My fear of being around them has definitely changed; my compassion/forgiveness abilities are working in favor of understanding the insanity plan; the sense of love towards certain individuals has deepened, but the overall scheme of intwining myself in a group has not grown.

All of the spiritual texts talk about the individuated soul rediscovering its home in the Divine. I will take this as the true, deeper path and continue to open and allow for its unfolding.  Not going to be sidetracked by the human condition and keeping in mind that cave dwellers still find the Divine.

A large stone dressed up?

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