Monday, August 6, 2012

I Kept Wondering Whose Body I Was Meditating In?

My legs folded up without stress, my attention was unwavering, inner stillness was on high clarity, spine stayed straight (cheated a little bit with the wall), and body never got tired of the position.  It was magical on a physical level not to mention some of the cool things that unfolded.  Remarkable new experience for this body even if I only experience it once in a lifetime.

Asked Gurudev about my fitness training and if it was interfering at all and he thought it was great.  He said it helps with clarity of the mind to have a fit body.  He proceeded to show me a book he is reading about a spiritual being who lived to be 112 because of his good health practices.

I asked about homework.  Keep with the blogging and after I finish the Sri Aurobindo Gita then he has another one for me to read.

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