Sunday, August 5, 2012

Uncharted Territory

 A morning snack

Before leaving California, it felt like going to India would be an opportunity to examine and reexamine facets of my self that are hidden from my own attempts of unearthing.  Obviously, the culture does this quite easily-those are the glaring sections of human life to be examined:  men still urinating on the walls (if I were a man, I now know a lot about the many positions of public urinating), vendors still overpricing items by 50% or more for the foreigner, etc.  The new fork in the road was a surrender in a way that surrender was never offered before.  A point of surrender that wasn't from pain, but from a pure place of offering of self to the Divine.  There wasn't desire, motivation, or results in the equation.  Only a willingness to go deeper, to loosen the folds of my sheath, and allow for more unknowing.

Another shift was the response. A visit to a place of inner clarity/stillness that I was led to before and then onto some intense new place. Amazing what can transpire in just a few moments.  How perfect to experience, digest, and integrate these forgotten places while under the watchful eyes of the Divine Genealogy.  Not operating heavy equipment would still be a warning label.

While reading the Gita the following morning--how perfect.

"This cannot be done perfectly by the act of the intelligence itself, by a merely mental self-discipline: it can only be done by Yoga with something which is higher than itself and in which calm and self-mastery are inherent. And this Yoga can only arrive at its success by devoting, by consecrating, by giving up the whole self to the Divine, "to Me" says Krishna, for the Liberator is within us, but it is not our mind, nor our intelligence, nor our person will, - they are only instruments."

"Bhagavad Gita And Its Message"
Sri Aurobindo
page 44 footnotes.

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