Thursday, August 2, 2012

Seeing Gurudev

Even though I feel Gurudev's presence on a daily basis, sitting in his presence is so magical.  It was as if I went from sipping out of a straw to drinking out of an ocean. Every cell of my body felt like it was drinking in an effort to quench a drought.  Lovely to see the familiar faces and not be disturbed by any of the things that would usually create lint.  

While on the plane, I sat next to a 75 year old Indian man who grew up in India, but he has lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for forty plus years. He gets both cultures well, so I was able to remove some of my last resistances to the less than supportive environment for women.  For me, I can only really let go of things if I work through the process from start to finish--examining and digesting each nuance.  

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