Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A New View Of The Sat Guru

Where the mystery unfolds

Now that I am not skeptical of the man in the orange robe, I see his role and presence in a new light.  Having the privilege of sitting in the ashram,  I witness the depth of true devotion that some of the disciples can come with in their hearts.  They want nothing, but to express their gratitude for his presence. Being in the presence of this touches me at a very deep level not unlike the experience of Gurudev himself.  I am in awe of how rare it is to see two-leggeds express this level of love without some "desire" or wanting attached to it.  It shines a light on the root of the human's spiritual potential.  Gurudev is this embodiment of Absolute Love and Absolute Truth, so it is remarkable to sense human's whose capacity for love have reached such a pure level. For me it might not be so obvious if it wasn't touching the essence of a spiritual Master.  It would probably appear as a classic good and kind person--not as humans touching their inner capacity for Divine Nature.

These are the moments that are so precious and invaluable for shedding light on the path; the Guru's shining light and the disciples who are emerging into the light. Pranam to the blessings from spiritual India.

The freshness of the rains

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