Monday, February 3, 2014

"What do you take a Baba-type being who lives..."

Small building on top of the big hill.
Small building looking down to the lake.

Finally followed one of the Amber Fort walls up to the top where there is a small building, a shrine, and a resident man, (I am not sure who was more surprised, me that someone lived in the building or him that someone appeared--and we aren't talking an easy walk up the hill.)  He was very kind, we could speak enough to determine that we couldn't really carry on a conversation, but he didn't ask for anything, made some hand gestures I interpreted as "make yourself at home," and then went about his business.  It was a lovely exchange as if I wasn't a white woman with a ball cap, sunglasses, and a pack and he wasn't a brown man with beads, a wrap, and sandals.  I reflected on the other beings of this nature who I have had the opportunity to witness (my all time favorite is the one who lives on the street with dogs in Vrindavan), but for some reason I felt the impulse to return with some offering.

"What do you take a Baba-type being who lives on the top of hill and doesn't appear to need much, so you are not insulting?"  Gurudev suggested I start with a few pieces of fruit and not to be surprised if he throws them on the ground.  Ok, it sounds like an adventure...  I have never had this impulse before, but Gurudev suggested I try and proceeded to tell me about a Saint who had lived up there.  I so love this part of India.

A new view of Amber Fort

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