Wednesday, February 19, 2014

King Cobra

Fact check on the ego and ego removal plan. Spent the day examining it and it is BIG.  Gurudev called it the King Cobra that can emerge at any time.  He said it was useful that I know about training horses, since that is what I am doing with my ego.  (Krishna in his chariot pulled by horses.)  Plus, being outside the remarkable environment of the Guru and ashram makes it more difficult. Surrender is a big part of the program (no surprise), but the cobra can show up when least expected (blind spots and losing focus?)  Grace at the junction is needed for the final ego death. It wasn't my imagination that this really is the beginning of the serious work.  Hunker down and get to work.  I asked if it would help to start eating sugar balls, but there was only laughter.

I am REALLY curious what happens next.  I googled killing the ego.  Didn't expect it to have more information than Gurudev, Ramakrishna, and Ramana Maharshi, but interesting to see what came up on the search. I do know one thing, if I am ever going to succeed in killing my ego, I couldn't be in a better place in the entire Universe.  Thank you for the remarkable Grace.

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