Friday, February 7, 2014


Good morning! Lots to choose from.
Noticing a pattern. The depth of intensity realizing the next part of the lesson plan is a section of the on your knees part of the cycle. The doubts, the question of where the inner strength will come from to step forward into the next layer of intensity, is it possible, how to regroup, plan the next approach to the path, and more.  The small point of clarity regarding renunciation and liberation set off the firestorm.  I don't mind the work, but when one is planning the path with faith as the compass, markers are welcomed.  So the not going forward option isn't one and the am I still on a straight course was the real question.  Everyone has their own lesson plan, so there is no one to copy.  Realizing that there will be no stable peace or tranquility until one is fully self-realized is a big fact to digest. Check mark on the fact check.  Meditation and control of the mind is the only next step. Check mark on the fact check. BUT, too much meditation could lead to madness, but you feel like you are going to go mad if you don't search for the answers inwardly. Check mark on the fact check.  At this point for me, life is about dealing with the outward incidentals that the outer life requires and the rest is about the inward path.  Check mark on the fact check.  For Sues' path, Sue is going straight. Check mark on the fact check.

A plan emerged during my morning walk/run.  It feels like preparing to walk out the door into minus 20 degree weather. Your are going, but there is some sort of hunkering down that needs to take place to take on the elements.  In this case, the element is my mind and at yet another level. The check marks on the fact checks are encouraging me to stand up and get going. How could anyone even attempt this without a living master? Gurudev always claims he is just a student like we are on the path, but I did get him to admit that he knows more of the manual.  What grace!!

On my run up to the fort. Nice use of the warm sun!

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