Monday, February 3, 2014

Internal Tranquility

The past few mornings, It is almost strange to wake up with such inner tranquility--more than a good nights sleep or life is good because ducks are lined up for a moment.  It is as if the veil to living has shifted.  Has the ego run out of a list to greet me at the opening of my eyes?  Some awareness very deep inside is at peace with whatever is going to arise, so there is no inner disturbance--only outer disturbances.  It is a place that now continues with me while physically awake, meditating, and apparently sleeping.

Is it possible that the inquiry process has exhausted the mind, so it exists with limited interference and the devotion has opened the heart, so it can be the base of operation? The simple thoughts emerged while meditating, "There is no me or mine."

A possible reflection of this inner state--an Indian woman I see daily thanked me profusely for being so tranquil? Words I would never expect to hear from the two-legged world--the white, walking, warrior, woman may be turning some corner on the path.  The reading continues to be amazing support even though words can be tricky. 

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