Thursday, February 13, 2014

Just Walking

Looking back up the hill and admiring the colors of the rocks.
Re-entry from country walk to city
How useful to experience the mind with judgement from a place of inner peace. As I moved through my extended walk, it was like observing a walking petri dish. So many different states were like the ebb and flow of the tide with two legs. I decided to embrace my mind like Gurudev said to embrace my thoughts. Thank it and point out why it got into trouble when such un-useful thoughts arose, point out why the judgements when there was no basis for the story were not solicited, thanked it, and kept just walking. I expressed gratitude for its painstaking diligence and observations that have led to separation and pain--the backdoor to searching for inner tranquility.

How is it possible that in less than 24 hours of asking if it was possible to experience the ashram within while I was outside, it appeared? Grace. Hours passed in that place of awareness while meditating in my little pink room with heavy traffic outside the window, the next-door restaurant banging pans, a downstairs television blaring, and children yelling playfully. Out of that exquisite place I became aware of two concepts: 1) silence is the perfect language, and 2) knowingly or unknowingly, we are all searching for peace. It is our shared deepest connection. More grace--the first page of my daily reading confirmed this awareness.

Catching pigs is not for the faint of heart. Still walking...

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