Saturday, February 1, 2014

Experiential vs. Book Learning

How cool that the book I was given to read (the actual book was given to the book owner 35 years ago by Gurudev) parallels what I have been learning real time for the past 3 years.  It is like adding a frame to an already beautiful picture. Items like not believing until I have the experience, the two bucket system for moving my peg on the path, not letting my mind talk me out of my heart, a recent re-focus on trying to be in wake state while connected to my meditative state (no matter how deep unless it involves not having a body), and more.  Thanked Gurudev and double checked that it is okay to keep on with the non-book learning while reading the book as a cool supplement. Check mark.

My heart appears to be breaking and glowing (probably not literally) two or three times a day, but it is sure shifting the perception and capacity for walking in the outer world.  Living in India would be possible which is a milestone for me. Small children are finding me and wanting to make contact which is new, (and a bit bizarre.)  Use to animals finding me, but small children....

The focus intensity for not leaving the felt heart is intense at times with all of the available physical distractions and not to mention my mind. Remarkable how quickly the mind can shift to a new channel--faster than touching the remote.

Attempted shaving my own head. No serious blood, but definitely a learning curve. The head is like mowing the lawn with mystery patches that don't want cutting. Learned about the meticulous food serving standards of one hand and the whys of eating with one hand.  Nice to know for respect and proper etiquette. Figured out how to eat with one hand--progress. Details to enhance the experience.

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