Sunday, February 9, 2014


The easy section...
A new view of Amber Fort and Amer
Crawling along the top of a fortress wall that was very narrow, very high up, and no side wall made sense. Why I was exploring and doing this at all was in question.  Examining the concept of death was interesting. Not sure if it was the concern over how it would feel to hit the ground from that height given what it felt like to experience a car accident--more than the actual fear of dying. Decided to use a new technique for self talk--go to the place I found recently in meditation while I navigate the stairs--and don't look down.  Single-pointed focus while in motion. I had been reflecting on points of death from earlier life experiences yesterday--there was no time, space, or anything other than an energy field of an inner self and an outer construction. At one point on the wall, I didn't think losing consciousness was a good option, but Gurudev mentioned that Ramana Maharshi had his first point of waking up while examining death. He went onto talk about losing the fear of dying eliminates any other obstacles to living. A missed opportunity? Upon reading the article below, I do remember reading that several years ago, but now it has new meaning.

Death Experience - Sri Ramana Maharshi

One afternoon, the youth for no apparent reason was overwhelmed by a sudden, violent fear of death. Years later, he narrated this experience as follows:.

Not looking so steep from here...
While reading today, I ran across "I Am that I Am" and written words about the small hole in the heart. So much has new meaning from the reading. Check mark on the fact check.

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