Saturday, February 8, 2014


It felt like I was preparing for a fishing expedition as the fisherman and the bait.  How to go deeper? The contingent plan was to pick an image to start with as a focus to get my mind on one point.  I chose my favorite picture of Gurudev as an energy field in pranam to the Divine Genealogy.  Quickly realizing the visualization of the image would leave me in my mind, so I switched to my best guess of what it would feel like to be the energy field and focused on what I had learned so far from different experiences.  The inquiry was "Who Am I?" and all of a sudden the two concepts merged into "I am That." The energy field turned to this remarkable blue that appears almost daily (makes me think of Krishna somehow) and led me to a new perceived "depth."  The perception was that the deeper I went the less separation--all became One (and the Oneness removed any since of spatial reality/depth.) At the beginning of the fishing trip, my mind was trying to tell me that it would be lonely and isolating, so yet another example of the ego working as it can find to find a job.

Not sure how long I stayed in that place, but it was part of the Divine's car wash--so tranquil, heartfelt, and inclusive.  Remarkable how all of the experiences, sensations, teachings, practices, etc. all keep leading to these places of new understanding.  This has been yet another example of the perfection of the path.  The car wash state has been critical for experiencing a new state when "awake," so it can help change the perception of what is possible in the wake state which is where the heavy lifting of mind work is going to take place. Everyday there has been a few key points in the reading material that have helped me understand a letting go or a different approach to the mind/ego training too. The state of complete inclusivity is yet another game changer. The constant focus on the self/Self as the transformative material makes total sense, since the self is the perceived limitation and the familiar perspective for grasping change.  The experience today helped me to understand how I fit on the path. I was thrilled to get a grasp of what the path really was, but starting to see how I am involved is a bonus.

To go from where I was yesterday, the conversation with Gurudev, and the lesson plan today is the Absolute Grace of a Living Master! An amazing start to the fishing expeditions ahead. 

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