Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Waking Sounds

As a Westerner, I don't usually wake with the sounds of chanting, bells ringing, the footsteps of people hurrying to early prayer--there are environmental Divine reminders constantly.   Do they help?  How often does one become numb to surroundings--good or bad?  Maybe the numbness is survival at some point.  It takes effort to change, but then again it takes effort to be human.

I had wondered if immersing myself in the Divine would be enough?  I don't live in comfort, I don't have an animal family, I engage with friends very few friends, I don't live in cleanliness, I don't live in quiet...  Could inner peace override all absence of outer peace?  In the beginning, Gurudev said this is a steep and challenging path for foreigners who know another lifestyle.  I cannot say that I am longing for the material part, but it would be nice to hit the pause button from the continual assault. (Yes, I did tell the Universe to keep applying the monkey stick until I am broken--good job Universe.) Of course, one could feel that way about balancing a lifestyle at any level.  I started with outer abundance, beauty, and peace, but the inside was out of balance.

While I was out walking, I stopped to help two guys change a flat tire.  I could tell they didn't know what to do and they had already stripped one of the lug nuts, no spare, everything rusted together, bent rim, and no idea how to use the jack.  Silly me, why did I want to help?  I hadn't connected sexual activity with changing a flat tire.  Let's here it for the testosterone matchsticks that populate India!

Another dog to help too--gaping, raw wound over his shoulder area.  HIS is sending the team out to find him.

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