Saturday, November 10, 2012


While looking into the eyes of the man under the tree, looking into the eyes of the elephant chained by two legs, looking into the eyes of the child playing naked along the busy street--who am I?  I am the self on a path, but a self that is related to these living points through the Divine.  The humility of sensing how near I am to these other paths, has propelled me to go deeper and uncover yet more of the obscurations.  Speech is a distraction of sorts.  Words are so limited.  Ego likes to attach itself to words, since they are often created by the mind.  Experiencing words that were not my own, I realize how rare it is that words are not tainted by my own limited perception and experience. They feel scratchy and a point of separation from the truth and purity of the Divine.  Now, to start working on a practice of waiting, observing, and sensing before expelling the resonance of sound.

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