Monday, November 12, 2012

Updating Homework Assignment to 4 Photos

As I walked to the gym, I saw the blanket from "The Man Under The Tree."  I am going to add him to my homework assignment of 3 photographs and update it to 4.  Thank you Divine for giving me the will and capacity to act--some usefulness for my warrior nature. Jai Guru.  At this point, the drive is from compassion, truth, and respect.

Do I need to change anything in my spiritual practice?  I like the test of integrating it into practical life.  It is as if I have two buckets and I keep ladling the contents back and forth until the two buckets become one--someday.  "Good practice." For now, I will just keep ladling.

Today was the first day of recovering to a point that I felt the brilliance of Absolute Love returning to my heart.

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