Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Service and Action

Service and action are the Divine's scrub brush for our evolution as humans in consciousness.  "Good."

I have been sitting with the middle way as a human (material/physical and spiritual manifestation as self.) Ok, so what happens when we step off the curb into traffic and need to take action and provide service from our quiet, meditative communion with the Divine?  Action without reaction is one part, but what about service?  Service as a job, service as compassion, service as ego, service as selfless, or?

While rereading the Gita, I was struck that human service is like the scrub brush that the Divine uses to help us transform.  Both action and service create opportunities for contact, growth, and transformation.  So simple again, but the Divine with the scrubber in hand is new for me.  I was raised by my parents with a strong sense of honesty, integrity, truthfulness, and a work ethic, but it was rooted at the human level.  I have been struggling with how to move self out of the materialistic world into a point of service that can grow capacity.  Gurudev said that being in service with compassion for all (nature, animal, and humans) will lead to limitless capacity.  The "three photo" homework assignment is also on track--thank you.

I will be going back to work, but how to thread the new teachings into the process in action and service, not just keeping it as the light inside has been an emerging question.  Gurudev is so patient.  When he sees me pull out my notebook, he generously helps me unravel love and truth on the path. 

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