Friday, November 2, 2012

Sue's Personal Homework Assignment

Can I look at these three photos and see the beauty in all of them with my heart?  I may be trying to run before I can walk, but the dog photo sends me over the edge.  It was not pleasant experiencing the Indian men laughing at the dog as it tried to drink out of a puddle.  Winter is coming and the dog has no hair besides having its' legs tangled-up.  I am so grateful to know Timmie Kumar who heads Help In Suffering.   She has notified the team.  I took action, but not without reaction yet.

So much capacity to grow.  Gurudev and I talked about Christ and his forgiveness in spite of being nailed to a cross.  He shared a few stories about tortured Saints and their capacities for love.  I cannot even make it down the road to they gym, so ginormous (gigantic + enormous) amounts of homework?

Thank you Divine for at least letting me in the incubator.  This is a very small assignment compared to the insanity program that covers the planet, so maybe I am walking before I run--and I know there are no answers.

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