Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Safety Net

Here is my chance to go as deep as I can into compassion.  There is a lot of pain now, nausea, heartache, fever, and more, but I now recognize the safety net as I sit in the ashram--the repair shop.  It appears to be some sort of Divine car wash.  The offering of Guru's grace, prashad, kindness, and generosity all help to heal the wounds of walking the street.  A unique opportunity to voluntarily free fall into aspects of anguish where we often create borders and protection from through self medicating, disconnecting, and activity (over or under.)

"Bring It On!" has still been my daily mantra even if I am staggering, streaming tears, and experiencing searing pain in my heart.  Will there be a time that the fire of pain will turn against itself and transform into a fire of exquisite nature?  I woke during the night to take care of some business in a different time zone and I noticed that my heart was in bliss as if the fairies were reweaving the gaps from the week's challenges.  The sense of sparkling light and gold thread continued for a few hours.  Pranam to the Divine for the care 24/7.

Ladling from one bucket to the other--back and forth continuously. Small steps...

Where was the safety net in spite of being in a religious setting?
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