Thursday, November 8, 2012

Blind Spot

A big part of the evolution of self is looking at the "obvious" spots and uncovering the "blind" spots.  For some reason, it struck me that one of my biggest blind spots is being human.  I keep living and looking through the human portal instead of trying to examine life from the new perspective of looking for the divinity in myself.  As a child growing up,  I thought one had to die in order to know the Divine and I don't think I ever bothered to update that idea until recently.  I can use the uncovered points of divinity to become a "good" person.  That is still really all that is on my to do list in this lifetime.

Disturbance = humanity
Peace (and beyond) = divinity

"Different thinking and format than an Indian's presentation, but a reasonable formula."

Something has shifted. I can start to understand how everyone is an expression of the Divine (me included), but how easy it is to get trapped in the tentacles of the ego.

"Highest Spiritual Beings-there is nothing useful in the material world."

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