Thursday, November 8, 2012

Inequity In Repayment

When I first came to India and the ashram, I was skeptical, questioning, and doubtful about this truth behind reality called the Divine.  I thought there was something, but what?  How could a man in an orange sheet, sitting on a simple chair, and acting so kind, loving, and gracious ever be a spokesperson for the Divine?

A year and a half later, I am in complete awe of this Being.  There are no words, even though I may try to make an awkward attempt.  He is in a body, so how does he so tirelessly work day-in and day-out to answer questions, listen patiently, problem solve every variation of life, and never want anything.

I was trying to imagine where one could start in showing even a small offering of respect and gratitude for this selfless Being in service to the countless number of human disturbances.

He is a renunciate, so he does not need or want anything material.
He is so vast that would it even register?
Would he accept it because he is so humble?

His words resonate more deeply than hearing a string quartet.
His penetrating stillness is unfounded.
How is it that he is more beautiful than any painting or photo that I can find on an internet search?

The attire is simple and not relying on designer labels.
The food is modest and sattvic in nature.
Who would live in such basic conditions and offer such a flood of wisdom and love?

There is no motivation for selfishness.
There are no signs of greed, manipulation, or empowerment.
Why would someone work in such tireless and thankless service?

The mystery of the mystic is unquestionable.
The living example to humanity is remarkable.
What can be offered from this small well of intention?

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