Thursday, November 1, 2012


Last night, I reminded the Committee not to forget about the monkey stick.  How to reconcile the inner and outer world?  This was the root of the pain which surfaced again thanks to the animal world. While diving into the small Pahari Baba Room to ask the Divine Genealogy for a path--not an answer--just a path, the question and path arose as I "let go" once again.  In my head I can understand the inner and outer world now, but how to reconcile both with my heart wide open? Take action without reaction.  "Difficult, but yes it is the way."

The lesson isn't in living; the lesson is living.  Over and over the lessons come from living and thank you India for providing such extremes.

Well wishes to the victims of Hurricane Sandy/Franken-storm and to their safe expedient recovery.

Please, please, please (political moment) Vote Obama!

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