Friday, November 2, 2012

Feet And Shoes

Touching the guru's feet has still not been sitting well with me.  When I have respect and gratitude for something profound and remarkable, I tend to stand back, admire, feel gratitude, and appreciate the beauty.  I was told to try and touch "the guru's feet" when possible, but it has been a labor of love and not feeling in alignment with my nature.  When I pranam, I feel like I need a shovel, so I can dig a hole and go deeper, but the feet have been a mystery.  Gurudev is so patient to answer all these small and tedious questions.  He okayed me to go with my heart and said, "No, it won't diminish my connection to the Divine or him if I don't make physical contact.  Best to go with my path and my heart."

I still couldn't figure out how the guru's shoes are more important than the guru.  What a beautiful teaching followed that question.  They are under the guru constantly in service to the support of the guru and thus the humility of their job.  Touching the shoes will become a periodic aim.  I have been drawn to touch the one's near Pahari Baba's picture when I say good night and thank you to the Divine Genealogy.

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