Monday, November 12, 2012

Compassion Walk?

Sugar cane
Trays and trays of sugar balls
As I started "the walk" to the store on the other side of town, I watched a young man purposefully drive his bicycle over the back leg of a sleeping dog.  Of course, the dog yelped and stood up on three legs.  The dog stood near me and I waited to see if the toes were broken or just stung for a moment.  We  lamented together that there are a lot of thoughtless fuckers in India.  It is unusual when a dog gets caught off guard like that, so when I looked into his eyes, I saw cataracts.  No wonder, the bicycle is rather silent and he couldn't see--probably legally blind and navigating the city streets with all of his other senses.

Nice greenery touch on the street.
I was told that people aren't really taught that it is impolite to stare, so that is always a fun part of waiting in line at the check out with a bunch of staring Indian men.

Shiny things.
While returning home, the clip clop of horse hooves came up behind me.  I had just received photos of my horse in California out in a nice green field with friends and part of his night bedding still on his back.  When I looked back at the horse, I could see the blood on the inside of both front legs and on his hooves where his feet were slicing into his flesh on every step.  The man tried to put on protective boots, but they weren't adjusted correctly so they didn't really serve a purpose.  Sigh--0 to 100 over and over.

Impressive sugar balls
Diwali is in high gear, so there are sugar cane stalks, candy balls, and shiny material goods lining the streets for sale.

Neighborhood lights

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