Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Man Under The Tree

I hope you find peace "The Man Under The Tree."

He was still under the tree this morning, flies, pile of cookies, holes in his clothes from pulling himself across the ground, stench of rotting flesh coming from the bandaged leg, and a look of recognition. I headed off to see what could be done.  The first hospital said no to helping after they dispatched a person to evaluate him.  Just leave him to die?  Next, a policeman was called down to evaluate him for pick-up or just leave him to die.  Wheels were in motion, the traffic still passed, everyone said this is India as I inquired into the lack of action.

A plan was to return 2 hours later to check on him and thank goodness an ambulance had come and he was taken to the municipal hospital.

My lesson, I had a pocket of compassion for humans when they are in need.  Most of the time, humans just confuse me. Would I have acted differently before starting this spiritual inquiry?  I don't think so, I just haven't had to make decisions to act around such a level of destitution.  Does knowledge of the spiritual path provide greater capacity to hover around some part of the range of equanimity, yes.  To know it is all transitory, it is all part of the light, a tiny part of the whole, and life unfolding.

I hope the man under the tree finds some peace or maybe he already did after he was going in and out of coherency.  Thank you to the team players who were ready to take action.

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