Saturday, November 17, 2012


The spiral staircase doesn't appear to leave anything off the list, so examining why I feel like a fraud or inauthentic on the spiritual path again?  Of course, I recognize that there are all shades of involvement.  In the past, I have been able to create levels of proficiency so that an onlooker would never know that I felt like a fraud.  Most humans wouldn't understand, they might even think it is some form of false modesty.  In all honesty, it is a deep inner knowing of truthfulness.  Am I playing out a role and executing it with the right look?  I could look like a dancer, but it didn't mean that I felt like one.  I could look like a spiritual seeker, but ...  Yes, I am a human seeking questions about the spiritual path--that feels more accurate.

Working on the list for inauthenticity:

1. Greatest motivation for the spiritual path is love for the truth and not love for the sake of love.
2. No need to meet the Divine or even have a Divine.
3. Lack of love for self.
4. Lack of love for others.
(There is tolerance, acceptance, and forgiveness for #3 and #4 now.)

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