Saturday, November 3, 2012

Homework Assignment Check

Restoring beauty
"Good." "Yes it is possible."  At least useful homework assignments are downloading with the rest of the program.  I probably should have asked if it was possible in this lifetime, but no need to be greedy at this point.

Nice greens and something to eat while waiting
Gave my room a bucket bath.  It is probably cleaner than when I moved in a year and a half ago.

Spotted "the dog" on my walk home from town.  I thought of his will to live in spite of his life condition.  Even if it is from the point of the animal soul, it is still beautiful.  Sensing a step in my homework with this approach.  Just like my daily search for photographic harmony, looking for it in all aspects of living.

Resting in a shady place
I am finding it in myself as well, I realized today.  Gurudev keeps encouraging the don't copy and follow your own path.  I haven't really been a person to copy out of neediness, but I have taken comments and criticism as points of learning and shaping the path.  Living in California there is a lot of pressure on your outward appearance.  Being a woman without classic beauty is not always a pleasant path to travel.  Being a white woman in India is not always a pleasant path to travel either, so there has been a chance to examine what is my design as a woman and not the culture's design, man's design, or anyone else's design.  Funny to be bald, on the slim side for American standards (lost 10 lbs since I have been here), casual attire, no jewelry, no make-up, and more content than ever.  Maintaining a healthy vessel while diving into the interior.  Adding the outer decorations will be easy in comparison to this inward process.

It is in a pile for pickup.

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