Friday, November 2, 2012


When I see a posted sign do I tend to ignore it?  Not usually.  If I don't see it, I might accidentally ignore it, but I usually figure it is posted for a reason.  This is the second round of sign posting, so it must be legitimate and not just a temporary request?  I am human and when I carry a cell phone almost 24-7 at home, I might forget to turn it to silent or vibrate when I should, (rare, but it has happened on occasion.)  

I have been mystified by the lack of following the postings, so I asked a few people.  All justifiable answers in the mind's of the people, but when I ask about the reality of being in a holy place and at the feet of a holy man--is there anything more important in life than a living embodiment of the Divine?  The answer has been no when put in that perspective.  In the West, we are so tied to our phones that I love a good reason to take the leash off and leave it in the car.  It feels like a moment of liberation and that I don't have to divide my attention between the small, mechanical device and what is unfolding in the moment.

No problem for me to just sink in when the phones are going off or people are talking, it was just another point of curiosity.  People drive both directions on the road, don't stop at crossings, and more, so I was wondering if no rules apply in India. Fun!

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