Monday, October 24, 2011

Upgrade to Insanity Walk

Both Sharing Survival Out of the Same Pile of Garbage
Appreciating more and more exploring insanity in India.  I will have to rename my incinerator walk the insanity walk.  First I see someone hand watering their camel at a road side trough, 2) I see the naked man being hand fed by someone (good news), 3) a young girl in her brand new outfit taking a bathroom break next to the entrance to a social function, 4) now that the rains are over the smells are coming back in full force (they almost knock you to your knees), 5) an elephant taking a family on board, 6) almost getting hit by a car (I keep forgetting that pedestrians don't have the right of way), 6) two men who look dead on the side of the street, but no one is taking notice so I must be wrong (turns out they are probably drunk), and the list continues.  All becoming normal sights.  Humans in varying stages of insanity.  Me included.  Animals sharing in the insanity, but not by choice.

The walking is awesome for sorting through my insanity realizations:  1) the progression of religion to mysticism makes sense for consciousness awakening in humans (although some are born in the depth of mysticism), 2) recognizing the real change has to be the energetic realignment for consciousness to truly manifest, 3) doing goodness is a step, but changing the inner being is the truth of the action, 4) observing the raw layers of humanity along with the "civilized" help to understand and accept the diversity, 5) seeing the randomness helps me let go of any notion of correct order (challenging the places of attachment/judgement), 6) energy transmissions helping to rewire the physical condition while  uncovering Divine Nature, 7) the mind is the veil, and this list goes on too.

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