Thursday, October 27, 2011

When Love pours with tears, compassion is at the root.

Now that the dream state and the wake state are often a blur, I am not going to categorize the state I was in while experienced this vision.  I was standing alone, but feeling enveloped by a lovely presence that didn't require anything from me and yet supported/nurtured who I am.  I was only standing alone-not being alone.  Next, humanity came and wrapped itself around me and created a physical presence that was also lovely but limited by form.  Even with the addition of humanity, I smiled and felt the weightless comfort of the spacious presence that permeated us both.

Part of a writing by Bhavani that is helping me to understand pain and compassion (June 9th, 2007):

When Love pours with tears, compassion is at the root.
Bliss is not an aspect of compassion but Grace is.
Those with the quality of a compassionate nature may find themselves experiencing cessation of "bliss" at times--this is to assist them in bringing forth compassion rather than love.

Only the truly awakened can bear the sense of separation and detachment, longing and loss, and still channel compassion to others even while experiencing the state of separation and, in fact, while using the grief of that state to propel the "movement of love tempered by experience" that is Compassion.

This particular  "ray" or vibration is not woven into the tapestry of an incarnating soul without great reflection beforehand.  And it is therefore most often taken into the vessel of the human form that most resembles the Creator, that which holds both life and death in its "body"--the feminine.

Compassion reveals the imprint of experience on the soul.

You can feel and express love without having any experience (for example, a baby can love), but you cannot feel and express compassion without experience.

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