Saturday, October 29, 2011


(photo from Wikipedia)
Checked on why they are considered such a spiritual center.  One of the oldest areas  for spiritual beings to gather, contemplate life, and download writings like the Vedas.  As a result, the mountains have been permeated with mystical vibrations for a very long time.  Modern life is starting to corrupt the purity, but it does still exist.  Also, conformation that spiritual transformation can happen anywhere and at any time. (Thank you Gurudev!)

The Himalayas, which are often called "The Roof of the World", contain the greatest area of glaciers and permafrost outside of the poles. Ten of Asia’s largest rivers flow from here, and more than a billion people’s livelihoods depend on them. To complicate matters, temperatures are rising more rapidly here than the global average. In Nepal, the temperature has risen 0.6 degree C over the last decade, whereas the global warming has been around 0.7 degree C over the last hundred years. (Wikipedia)

(Photo from Wikipedia)

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