Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pain: Local or Global

Kavita-Phoenix Rising
(picture copyrighted by Communities-Rising)
While I have been sitting with the path to this point, I was reflecting on my reference to pain and realizing that when I dip back into that place--it is more of a global pain.  It is not my own pain, but it is easy for my emotions to get involved.  How could they not?  As I sift through the layers of my own unconsciousness, I continue to read and stay updated on events in the world and the process of global consciousness waking up.

Besides investigating the truth of the spiritual world,  a story about a young girl named Kavita inspired my initial visit to India.  Originally, I was going to meet Gurudev, hang out with the group, and then go to Chennai to see what I could offer to help with the nonprofit organization Communities Rising  A very good friend from home has a cousin who developed the program and continues to support/grow her efforts with a developing community.  They graciously made space for me last minute when I knew my time in South Africa was growing to a close and I still had 6 weeks available for my 3 month leave of absence from California.  I learned about the program through the story of a remarkably brave and driven young woman, Kavita

There are more atrocities to the story, but this gives you insight into her will to survive and path to give back.  A true phoenix rising from the fire.  I would still like to meet Kavita, but my path changed direction again when I asked if I could stay longer at the feet of Gurudev.  There was an opening to answer some very deep questions about the path back to the Divine.  What is the bigger picture?  At some point, do these numerous and heart wrenching examples of localized pain make sense?

 Ugandan woman recalls harrowing tale of captivity -*

 Women rescue Cambodian sex slaves*

Remember by Omkara
This life is... This life is... This life is a dream. This life is a dream.
It'll be over in the blink of an eye. Remember who you are.
Remember what you are. Whose life is this? Whose hands are these?
Whose voice is this? What am I? This life is just a dream.
It will be over in the blink of an eye. Remember who you are.
Remember what you are. Remember who you are.
Om Gan Ganapataye Namaha. This life is beautiful. This life is horrible.
This life is wonderful. And this life is just a dream... A dream made of love.
 Remember who you are. Remember what you are. Remember who you are. Remember... You are before.
Before these questions. Before an answer. Remember... You are before.
Before everything...

Thank you Hava for sharing the music link and poem.

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