Thursday, September 29, 2011

In Awe.

Sitting in silence from 8 -10am while the priests rebuild the Durga theme for the day, (they appear to redress Her everyday with a different theme?)  The morning was the perfect temperature, the fans creating a lovely breeze, the light through the windows was illuminating, and only one other person sitting, (he appears to be the grounds person overseeing the process like a orchestra conductor and he has a special rug to sit on?)  After an hour or so passed, my mind thought--how does it getter better than this?  In a spiritual country, sitting in an ashram for spirituality, Durga energy stirred up extra during the celebration, priests intently supporting and stirring the Durga energy, the entire ashram working like a bee hive behind the scenes to support the process in a thoughtful, loving way, and I have the time to meditate in the presence of it all with no time or action requirements.  Learning about inner stillness and peace.

It still catches me by surprise the stir of deep emotion when Gurudev walks into a room.  The tears come to the surface in such an involuntary reaction to the grace, humility, and beauty that He exudes.  To already be sitting within the sanctuary of a holy offering to the Divine and to then to have a Divine Being walk into the space--breathtaking.  It leaves me in awe how exquisite our connection to life can be without doing--only being.

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