Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Clear Unconscious, Muddy Conscious, Clear Conscious

Amazing beings

After spending several hours wandering around HIS Monday and a few hours today videotaping/photographing elephants and whatever other animal wandered into the screen, I was giving some attention to the feel of unconscious animal energy that is clear, conscious human energy that is muddy, and conscious human energy that is clear.  The first two are easy to line up side-by-side, but the third requires a sit at the ashram.

Focusing on elephants while listening to my tunes, wearing sunglasses, and a hat leaves me fairly insulated from the muddy human energy (at least in my mind...), so I was having a splendid time.  Personally, I just cannot get enough of the elephants. Plus, the locals are getting use to me, so I almost don't have anyone trying to sell me something or beg for money while I am walking around.  I was winding my way down from the Amber Fort when all of a sudden I experienced a shift in the energy field:  light, unobstructed, and peaceful.  It caught my attention as if there was an eclipse of the sun or the moon.  I glanced up and there was a man moving in a fluid, athletic way with dreadlocks, sadhu clothing, and a dot on his forehead.  He reminded me of Pahari Baba--at least what I see in the photos.  He didn't appear to want anything, we were both threading our way through a stream of tourist, but we smiled at one another.  Two beings looking so different, but there was such a freshness and honesty to the exchange.  After he passed, the energy field returned to a muddiness, but I think I got my answer.  The feel of clear, conscious human energy lined up next to muddy, conscious human energy.

The exchange "haunted" me for the remainder of the day and on into the evening.  I should be getting use to these teachings that just show up, but someone could think I was crazy.  Maybe I am?  The disintegration of everything as I knew it to be.  The acceptance of the unknown--the known is turning out to be more of an illusion than the unknown.

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