Monday, September 26, 2011

Amazing Clarification and Teaching

Inner Peace and Beauty

Trick question for the Guru?  Do you want to start with the easy questions on the list or the more difficult?  We both had a laugh, of course, He said that it didn't matter.

Part 1. Here goes, the simple summary of how to live life:

1. There are no answers. ( Peace on the planet while we are in the Kali Yuga equals "oscillations" as stated by Gurudev.  I think that lasts 26,000 years?  The bumpy ride continues. If you have a body, just get use to it, but there are approaches to help smooth out the ride.)

2. The only approach is acceptance for what is.
    (I asked for clarification.  Yes, acceptance for what I cross paths with personally and what is happening on the globe--all of it.)

Part 2.  (This section is very interesting) Beings and people in positions of social, spiritual, or religious change:

1. There are humans on the planet (past, present, and probably more on the way) who are inspired to create social change:  Martin Luther King, Lincoln, Nelson Mandela, and the list continues.

2. There are a Beings who are sent down from the cosmic world to take on a body and help us humans  move towards cosmic living.  (The Divine Genealogy)

*One problem, both groups have bodies.  Gurudev clarified that every form that exists in a human body will have some percentage of human faults, even if the form comes from the Divine stock pile.  BUT,  their teaching is different, since they are not trying to find their way out of the density of matter, but are willing to come into matter.  He clarified this difference. They teach from a place of love and acceptance.  Their teachings are to help us with the oscillations of living and provide some aid to creating inner calmness.

*Words are limiting and subject to interpretation.  Gurudev stressed their limitations and to keep that in mind even with his teachings. He clarified--it is up to each individual how he or she navigates the life path through acceptance.

Both groups are working for the same cause, but just working from a different starting point.

Personal Note. How cool is all of that clarification, since I am a word oriented person. Is there work to be done--of course.  He laughed when I asked about the 26,000 years, since we only have one lifetime at a time that is usually 70-80 years.  Look at that ego jumping into the picture.  I know that this information is available in many different forms. All of my spiritual teachers have been saying the same thing, but for some reason, I needed to sit at the feet of one of these Human embodied, cosmic Beings and hear it directly. Jai Guru!

Kali Yuga The 'Iron Age' of Hindu mythology. Hindu mythology posits four ages of the world: the Krita Yuga (Golden Age of Truth), lasting 4,800 years -

A Unique View

In the afternoon, the universe provided such an amazing teaching for me relating to our morning discussion.  Quite a unique moment.  There was a person who was acting quite negative and a bit aggressive towards Gurudev.  My first reaction was to move from the sitting area, but my second reaction was to practice using this new depth of being. Nothing different than what I periodically experience outside the ashram walls, but it caught me off guard to have it play out in this normally peaceful setting.  Watching the body language, other people in the ashram were a bit alarmed, so I was interested to see how The Master operated under these conditions.  He had to be firm and set boundaries, but the situation did dissolve without it becoming more negative.  Afterwards, he looked at me and I said something about just a living example of what is outside and the human condition of insanity.  He laughed while remarking about "And there aren't even any answers (from our earlier discussion)" and that it could even be challenging for him at times.  (A Guru with wisdom and a sense of humor.)

What was so remarkable for me was to watch, hear the teachings in my head, and recognize how pouring light into any situation, no matter how dark/dense, that if there is even a small crack that the light can enter--it is a start to the pathway of consciousness.  If he didn't keep holding and pouring the light onto the situation, it may have taken on a different result--like a match touching paper.  The other remarkable part was how he handled the human limitations. There was an energetic presence backed by clear body language that said no and an invitation to go.

(Please, don't get me wrong that I enjoyed the teaching at the expense of Gurudev's well being.  I may have not even noticed the lesson if I wasn't deep in the contemplation of how the theoretical and practical merge. He had even spoke about that being so individual--and the work on the path.)

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