Monday, September 19, 2011

Animal Community Getting Help

One of the ashram dogs was taken into Help In Suffering for castration, so I had a few hours to wander around, take pictures, video tape, observe, contemplate life, check-in with myself in the animal world, and  just be present with the situation. Sigh...  Inner stillness is becoming the preferred place and it is obtainable under more and more situations.  It is up to me to keep hacking back the tentacles of attachment and take the personality perceptions out of the road.  The unspoken conversation with all animals is still there.  There were people from the Jaipur community bringing in their dogs, cows, horses, camels, etc. because they were concerned and needed assistance. The attendants working on the animals were professional and help oriented.  The animals were patient and cooperated under the circumstances with minimal resistance.  It was all like a well orchestrated play with animals as the headlining characters.  All the participants allowed me to wander around photographing and videoing with curiosity and acceptance.

Signing in. (Note the sleeping spots for the two white dogs.) Director's chair.
Ashram dog and supporting cast waiting for surgery.
One of the rescue vehicles (a donation from an organization in Switzerland.)
Working on a dog' s leg
This was the award winning moment for love.  He was reassuring his baby calf
Waiting patiently and proudly
Adoption challenge.  No one wants them, but they are so intelligent.
Street dogs treated, neutered or whatever.  Ready for release back on to the street. (Donations help fund their care.)
It is so easy for me to be around the animals. I really enjoyed seeing the compassion from the animal's owners and concerned citizens.  I had not seen that in India until today.  The man comforting his baby calf, the woman waiting for her cow to be checked from a birthing problem, the concerned citizen who brought in a street dog that was terribly torn up, the elder gentleman with his "fluffy" dog, and the others with their beloved companions.  Truth and love. What more is there?  Sitting in the ashram with a dozen other people, I thought, most humans are at their best when they are not talking.  Peace and tranquility like hanging out with the animals.

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