Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Spiritual Shock and Not Culture Shock

People keep asking me if I am in culture shock, but I would say spiritual shock.  Yes, the cultures are very different, but the biggest change is within myself.  Adjusting to the "new" me is the strange part.  My familiar world is feeling very different.  In India, I had constant distractions of noise, pollution, and physical assault of the senses whenever I left the ashram,  (or sometimes in the ashram too.)  I didn't ever experience the blissful state within a completely blissful environment.  As I have said, India the culture was a remarkable crucible for me to burn through a lot of my ego.  Where I live in the US it is so quiet, clean, pollution free, organized, and peaceful that I experience it as almost surreal.  Before this spiritual transformation,  I appreciated it, but now it feels like a spiritual experience in itself.

I visited Stephen (Narayana) to thank him again for his work, love, and support to get me to the feet of Gurudev and Pahari Baba.  He has a pair of his shoes near a photo of both Divine Beings.  It was such a lovely feeling to pranam to those sandals and sink into the beauty of all the teachings.  I REALLY miss that physical experience of pranam to the feet of a living Master.  Something so simple, pure, and beautiful to surrender your being to the Divine.  I could have weeped and melted into the sweetness of the Essence--that remarkable connection to Absolute Love.

This was just sent to me.  Ashram puppy update:

Bhavani's garden

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