Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Wellspring of LIving

As Navratra is drawing to a close, I am in absolute awe of the work ethic and endurance of all the volunteers, workers, priests, and Gurudev. Intense production and it all runs so smoothly and with such a high degree of thoughtfulness. Wow!

In today's reading.  Ramakrishna, "What can a man understand of God's activities? The facets of God's creation are infinite. I do not try to understand God's actions at all. I have heard that everything is possible in God's creation, and I always bear that in mind. Therefore I do not give a thought to the world, but meditate on God alone."

Marker in place. Path blazing words to live by.  It has been a big help mentally to think of God as spirit and not the religious only concept I was introduced to at an early age.

A do-over showed up in the middle of the night. A chance to recognize the point of separation which leads to disturbances from within. Watching the same scene of two lines and Gurudev, but only observing the whole scene and not focusing on Gurudev as the anchor. There was texture in the room instead of a mute button, but the inner stillness stayed in place. I could observe and be fascinated by seeing human, cultural, sexual, religious, points of separation emerging. Not caught in it, but watching the wellspring of living. All of the debriding to get to this simple point while awake. Bliss wasn't required, but spiritual intoxication was present in the awareness--no surprise given the number of overlays present. 

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