Sunday, April 27, 2014

Opening The Window

Ashram lotus
The temperatures are rising, so opening the windows in the cement room makes sense.  But now there is a dead pig decomposing near the open window.  What about opening the door?  Mosquitos, flies, and rats appear to want in the open door.  One doesn't need to go walking to find challenges.

Walking by the bags full of dead animal parts has been one of the challenges as the temperatures rise. As the pieces of meat decompose and bloat, the white sacks are stained with a brownish serum seeping and turning the sacks brown.  Sensitivity to smell has always been a challenge, so how fortunate to have these opportunities?

Humans appear to have a wide degree of tolerance for their own smell as one sits in the ashram with the rising temperatures.  Standards of bathing, washed clothing, and so on have not been much in my radar before.

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