Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Earth Plan's Ultimate Job

(Note: I have not enhanced any of the photos from Navratra--just the natural intensity!)
Making a point not to go out in the "outer" world, exercise in my room, and just walk down the street for a few days to get the full effect of the overlays--I thought. With a growing sense of my outline made of dots instead of a thick, heavy line, the sensitivity to separation is growing intensely.  Why are the men and women sitting separately on the floor in front of the holy festivities?  Why are the men going ahead in the line to the Guru's feet without even a sideways glance at the back up of women wanting to touch the ground near his feet too?  Why is the man who cleans the bathrooms and picks-up debris not invited to sit inside the eating area, but is sitting on the ground outside?  Yes, all of this has been examined before, but now it shows up as pain in my heart rather than a question in my head.  No doubt, I will observe points of separation at home (a big one is not having a spiritual container with Gurudev present...), but they will only appear differently. Capacity building.  The explanation was in the evolution of the culture and not what the initial point of respect was for women, caste, and more.  Yes, the evolution of the world through the state lacking consciousness which came up in my reading today regarding the Kali Yuga. Not dwelling on the why, but will keep examining and working on my small patch of inhabited energetic field.  Plenty of homework.

The growing sensitivity to separation keeps motivating the straight and narrow path to Source.  At least, now there is a path where before it all just appeared as scratchiness. Even to contemplate today's lesson plan is driving me inward, so thank you! The Earth Plan is doing Its' ultimate job of leading to the land of no separation.

The exercise from the video I posted yesterday, was answered in the first paragraph (pg. 102) of the section I was reading today. Thank you! Other questions answered even ahead of them forming as questions which is a new scheme.

The privilege of sitting in the amazing overlays of spiritual openings are breathtaking.  Tears could be found at every turn. As I continue to understand more through the reading of Ramakrishna,  I continue to be so humbled and in awe of the grace of Gurudev's presence.  How could he be asking me if the evening food is too spicy when just looking at him is almost overwhelming at times.

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