Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Overlays within the overlay
Nothing like a Navratra celebration to drive home the benefits of overlays.  Walk down the quiet street in the morning, pranam to Gurudev, head upstairs to sit with the priests and their ceremonial process, meditate, wander down stairs and read a book on Ramakrishna while looking at Gurudev reading, go back upstairs to hear the beautiful voices of the priests and watch them in their duties....  Spiritual drowning I would say or how to be a spiritual puddle.  Interesting to experience each Navaratra at a different level of understanding spiritually.  I see how the overlays are what continue to be transformed. The overlays being the physical, mental, and spiritual states until they all become One.  Everyone will have a different pattern of overlays and which one will become prominent and so on.  When my overlays started to line up and support one another, there was a big shift, (of course, they have always been lined up, but there was a lot of separation in my orientation to living.) One activity stopped becoming exclusive or destructive to the others and now I can appreciate the strategy of submerged focus to get a taste of the path and how to help it continue straight. The strategy for staying "connected" when I am not in the submerged environment is emerging and one day, I may be permanently stabilized in the inner state. The original "goal" was to be be able to be in any situation, any place in the world, and with anyone and still stay in a state of inner peace.  Gurudev had said it was possible (Grace as he points upward) when we met and he asked why I wanted to come back to his feet.  Even with my level of ignorance, I am starting to understand and experience how it will be possible.

Stories like this are a challenge for my heart even though my mind can shift the story:
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by CNN

Gurudevs discussions on madness have been very insightful. I can feel the overlays at a new state of transparency with the spiritual one covering over the mental and physical states. His attention to detail about eating has been unexpected, but tremendously supportive while experiencing this new state of being.  Plus, his continued support to stay focused on what I am doing and not worry about joining the Indian herd. A growing, glowing feeling of being nuclear in stillness is the nature of it, but the body still requires care. My little, pink room just down the street is perfect for tottering home spiritually drunk every night.

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