Sunday, April 27, 2014

Man Shield

Walking with a man shield completely changes the plight of the woman walking in India. All of the stares, the gestures, the comments, the inappropriate touching, the.... all fade away when walking with a man. I have thought of renting a man shield, but I haven't found one that can keep up.  I wasn't sure if the disturbances were highlighted by having white skin, but I am learning it is the plague of brown skinned women as well. Sigh!

What it must be like to be from the tribe of the hanging appendage? The drive to find a hole to put the hanging appendage appears to be an obsession for many--consciously or unconsciously. To hear the stories of holes within women, men, animals, children, and more creative devices are daunting.  Should I have sympathy and pity for this consumed mind?  Ramakrishna is always referencing lust and gold as the two insidious plagues of the external world.  Shall I be grateful that I don't live with this preoccupation on my list, but only to be unfortunately on the receiving end?

I grew up with brothers, male friends, male teachers, male dance partners, etc. and they have been a joy. How nice to have this as my reference point as I have "walked and observed" a very different aspect of the tribe with the hanging appendage. I do look forward to having a break from this point of my lesson plan. 

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