Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Navratra Day Three--Viewing Perfection

Viewing Perfection
My new favorite photo- Source, Guru, grace, devotion, humility, wisdom, ... and more all in one shot!
As I post this first photo, how could I ever look for something more beautiful through the view finder of my little camera.  I am frozen just viewing it myself. The preciousness and the depth it touches my limited heart is beyond anything I could have ever imagined. Grace!  The daily, self-imposed photo assignment of finding beauty has been a significant teaching that there always is something beautiful to be found or observed. It has been an important anchor in my walk through many unpleasant aspects of the physical Earth. Thank you Gurudev for your encouragement to start and continue with this search--and so much more...

Orange wardrobe today

Step stool details
It is so touching to watch these priests so delicately and thoughtfully decorating the wall of the Divine Genealogy!

New (big) statue
The details...

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